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Bank Transfer Earnest
Money Deposit 

Submit Your Earnest

Money Deposit 


      We are pleased to introduce the newest option for earnest money – electronic delivery! This new feature allows for a fully digital transfer of funds and will save you – and your clients – time.

*There is a deposit limit of $15,000.


What to Expect:  

Just a Simple Two-Step Payment Through a Secure PCI Validated Platform Powered By Payload. 

Immediate Receipt Distribution. 

No Need For An App Download or Check Images.

No Logging Into Online Banking.

No Signing Up For An Account. 

Benefits To Using Our Digital
Payment Solution


Save time with no need to race to the Title Office to deposit your funds. 


You don't have to wait for wiring instructions - this is an entirely digital experience. 


Electronic delivery means no more need for a trip to the bank. 

Other Ways to Pay Earnest Money

Wire Transfer

Note: Banks usually charge a Fee for Wire Transfer to Send and Receive 


You can mail a check to our office at the address below.

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